One thing’s for sure: nobody has ever accused Drew Rosen of being anything but an artist who transcends categorization. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Drew has never been shy about bearing his soul through his music and work. With over 30 years of lush musical experiences that have included performances and collaborations with Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish, South Carolina legend Edwin McCain, and Andy Foo, Drew has expanded the sonic vocabulary while stretching the boundaries of contemporary music, performance, and production.

Drew left South Carolina and moved to Los Angeles in the 90s thinking that the City of Angels was the perfect environment for him to become a rock star. Under the artist moniker of “DrewSta,” Drew has created and produced five albums, each thematically distinct, organic, and genre bending. With sounds ranging from Frank Zappa to Beck, John Scofield, and Wu Tang Clan, Drew’s music eclipses any kind of convention.

“Paloma Love Songs,” an album that Drew refers to as the songs “sung to create my daughter Maxine and son Caya,” is the result of a cross country journey through America’s landscape. A primarily acoustic effort, the album stands as a singer-songwriter in his purest state. With shades of Jeff Buckley echoing throughout, Drew creates music that is heartfelt, powerful, and poetic.

DrewSta’s album “Kinda Like Gangsta” was created in unison with his work in IT. While Drew was learning to fix computers, he was also meticulously working on his craft by learning how to build an expansive music studio from his house in Venice Beach. Tapping into electronic sounds and utilizing tools to create vibrant harmonic textures, Drew established himself as a production and sound wizard. “Funked Up and Twisted” is a song that combines unique soundscapes with odd time signatures.

In 2015, DrewSta produced Venice Vice’s “The Pain,” music that Drew defines as “what I would never let my mother hear.” This material has previously never been released and is still considered to be the “most dysfunctional rap operation of all time.” 2015 also saw the release of DrewSta’s “The Pleasure,” a companion piece to “The Pain.” “The Pleasure” synthesizes Drew’s signature quirkiness, electronic harmonies, intricate guitar work, and funkified feel, to create an album that is a masterpiece of contemporary groove-fusion.

Drew’s latest output, 2019’s “Future Positive Projectiles,” is a collaboration between Drew and a collection of top flight talent from Los Angeles. The album channels what Drew has mastered over the years of performance and production while pointing toward the future of music and genre.

Drew’s five albums super set released on June 16, 2019. Drew is managed by Hollywood Actor Barret Hackney. On July 6th, Drew performed “The Star Spangled Banner” at the LA Classic Championship. In addition to his work as a musician, Drew wrote “The Phantom Of Venice Beach” which can be previewed at http://phantomofvenicebeach.com, a psychedelic re-imagining “The Phantom of The Opera”.

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